CCO is a demand generation
agency specializing in healthcare.

We generate leads and drive sales for innovative B2B
healthcare organizations.


increased lead generation for
ASC management company


increased lead generation for
outsourced physician services company


increased lead generation for
healthcare technology company

About Us

Your buyers have changed. Has your marketing?

Today, nearly 70 percent of the buying decision is made before a sales meeting is initiated or scheduled.

At CCO Healthcare Partners, we help clients identify and engage these hard-to-reach healthcare decision makers to fuel customer acquisition with greater certainty and transparency.

Leveraging the latest data products and technology, we help your brand differentiate in an increasingly competitive marketplace as well as engage in relevant new ways that generate results. Contact us today.

  • Strategy

    Differentiate from the competition and map out a scalable sales and marketing framework.

  • Brand development

    Create an original, authentic identity that drives value.

  • Content marketing

    Convey your expertise, convert leads and nurture sales opportunities.

  • Digital

    Build targeted online campaigns that achieve maximum ROI.

  • Outbound lead generation

    Leverage social networks to systematically generate sales qualified leads.

  • Analytics

    Make data-driven decisions that accelerate organic growth.

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