Redefining market engagement

Blog November 9th, 2016

By Pete Cunningham, CEO

Market Engagement 2.0

At its core, B2B marketing aims to reach decision makers and influence their purchasing behavior.

But, the game has changed. Prospects are now more informed than ever. The sales and marketing funnel is no longer a linear process; with the click of a mouse, prospects can jump between individual steps of the sales cycle.

Decision makers engage brands long before any purchase is made, and it’s now critical to embrace the modern sales and marketing funnel to deliver an integrated brand experience.

The new funnel calls for an immersive, cross-channel experience. Reaching prospects at all stages—and engaging them the right way—requires an arsenal of tactics. Successful organizations make use of owned, earned and paid content to guide prospects through an increasingly complex buying journey.

Without the right tools, influencing buying decisions is nothing more than a shotgun approach—a stab in the dark.

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